Monday, October 12, 2015

Adult Coloring for 30 Day Color Challenge

Hiya Inky Friends,

When I initially colored the following images I was fighting a serious cold... or at least that's what I think it was!! As a person who suffers from bad seasonal allergies, I'm not quite sure what I had! haha I had the sneez-ies (Is that even a word? It is today! haha), a low grade fever, and just an all around mess. Thank goodness for tissues, lotion and medication.

I know you didn't come here to hear about my awful cold but, I wanted to let you know that the Daily Marker 30 Day 3 Coloring Challenge isn't about how much talent, skill, products or time you have. It's just about making a commitment that you will color something everyday in October. That's all folks, no pressure! ;)

Since I was feeling under the weather for the next 2 days I thought my safest bet was to break out my Prismacolor Color Pencils and my new Adult Coloring book. I picked up my book up at my local Michaels Arts & Craft store. I grabbed "Enchanting Gardens" by Nikolett Corley. I choose this book because the designs are full pages and have a good mix of small detailed images as well as large open images too. An added bonus is that the pages come single sided; perforated so you can tear out the pages if you'd like. 

Day 2 was all about the green leaves. I somehow managed to actually keep all the pencils I used together, which is a rare feat for me! Maybe deep down inside I knew I wanted to blog about this. :) The colors used were the following: Cobalt Turquoise, Parrot Green, True Green, Celadon Green, and Limepeel. I really like how the large leaves turned out. The smaller leaves I wished had turned out better, I feel like the Limepeel is a little bit out of place and reads to the eye too similar to Celadon Green. Whelp, that's the way the cookie crumbs sometime. This is what's so fun about this challenge; playing around with colors!

Day 3 was about coloring in that large flower in the above picture. I wanted to have the beautiful design work that's in the center to be the main focus and catch one's eye. The inner colors used were Lavender, Dioxazine Purple Hue, Cerulean Blue, and Neon Pink. The Neon pink plays so nicely with the Purple!! Might have to keep that combo in mind...future coloring project perhaps? ;)

The outside part of the image was colored using Cream, Sunburst Yellow and Pale Vermilion. The Cream color pencil is so light, I wasn't quite sure I was laying any color down but after some tilting I could see it. Seeing Cream next to the Sunburst Yellow I could see a clear difference.
I wonder what sort of color combo I will choose for the next piece of my coloring page??

Until then, Stay Inky My Friends,


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